Regine Steenbock founded her Label Sium in 2000. She studied and worked as a filmmaker from 1982-1994 and in 1995 became involved in fashion as a professional career. Her collections have been shown in Berlin, Paris and Tokyo and she directed a Sium store in Hamburg 2002-2016 and another in Berlin from 2009-2013. She participated twice at the Funasaka Art Biennale 2010 + 2012. Among other teaching activities, like in South Africa/ Johannesburg in 2014, R.S. was visiting professor at the Academy of Art, Berlin Weissensee in 2005. Since 2016 she is teaching fashion design at Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai (China).

Regine Steenbock´s approach to fashion is influenced by an artistic and anthropological view on color, form and the human body. Intercultural influences in arts and designs have always been subjects of research and an important inspiration for her work. This ethos can be partly attributed to her former background as a filmmaker during which she dealt intensely with aspects of the human condition. By creating garments, which are conceptually explorative but yet tailored for everyday suitability her main intention is to reflect on elemental artistic and philosophical questions directly in a „real life situation“. Besides her teaching activities she has become increasingly involved into social and ethnographical studies on clothing and textiles since 2016.