Regine Steenbock founded her Label Sium in 2000. She opened a Sium store in Hamburg 2002 and another in Berlin from 2009-2013. Her collections have been shown in Berlin, Paris and Tokyo. She participated twice at the Funasaka Art Biennale 2010 and 2012 and developed a closed inspiring relationship to Japan during the years. In 2005 she was visiting professor at the Academy of Art, Berlin Weissensee.She studied and worked as a filmmaker from 1982-1994 and in 1995 became involved in fashion as a professional career.

Regine Steenbock´s approach to fashion is influenced by an artistic and anthropological view on color, form and the human body. This ethos can be partly attributed to her former background as a filmmaker during which she dealt intensely with different aspects of the human condition. Nevertheless her main intention is to reflect on elemental artistic and philosophical questions directly in a „real life situation“ by creating garments, which are conceptually explorative, yet tailored for everyday suitability – especially honing and refining the design development to work on cut and shape of the human body.